Top Tips for a Successful US Visa Interview

Tips for a Successful Visitor Visa Interview
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Efforts must be made to avoid the officer refusing your visa application.

  • Application process must be well understood.
  • All information provided must be complete and truthful.
  • Be prepared for the interview.
  • The same passport you will use during your interview should be the same as the one used to pay your fees receipt they will use at the time of interview.
    If your passport will expire within the next 6 - 12 months you should get a new passport before paying for your visa.
  • Application form questions must be answered correctly.
  • Applicants should check their passport and if their whole name is written in one line, they should get change the name from passport office before applying for a visa.
  • Indicate your current address and not permanent address on the visa application form.


  • Complete and readable documents should be sent by host or sponsor in USA. Computerized printouts are advisable.
  • Send complete instructions, and process for getting the Visa. There should be no difference in the information given by you and by your visitor.
  • Documents should be sent at the latest date possible, do not hold for long time.
  • All answers given to the Consulate staff must be authentic and clear. When confused ask the person nearby or consulate staff in a polite manner.
  • If language is a problem, you may request for interpretation.
  • When the Consulate asks for return air tickets, medical insurance etc. You can reply by telling them those things will be done after the visa is approved.
  • The Visa application form must be neatly, completely and accurately filled. If there is any error, ask for another form.
  • Visitor should understand the process and each document to be submitted.
  • When you receive your visa, check for any mistakes like name, date of birth, type of visa, validity date, etc.
  • Remember: The expiry date of your stay is the date on the I-94 form which will be attached to your passport at the port of entry in USA, and not the date stamped on your visa. These dates are usually the same, but might differ at times.